let's be honest...

It's been too long!

Schedule a cleaning today and receive a FREE Teeth Whitening!

About Our Practice

They've been serving the Greensboro Triad area for more than 20 yrs delivering quality service at an competitive price in a comfortable environment. Plus the dentist office is located conveniently of Gateway Blvd near Josephine Blvd.

It's time to step up our give back in appreciation for decades of being a part of this wonderful community.

"Dr. Smith was fantastic! It had been a while since my last cleaning so I was a little scared.

But Dr. Smith was very gentle and now my mouth feels so clean.

Plus a got a free teeth-whitening treatment!

Highly recommended."

Samantha | Greensboro

Conveniently Located Near UNCG on Gateway St

Greensboro, NC, USA

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